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Advanced Practice Fellowship in Hospital Medicine

Started in 2009, the Advanced Practice Fellowship (APF) is one of the oldest APP inpatient training fellowships based on the successes of the Division's Hospitalist Training Program for Internal Medicine Residents. The APF has graduated almost 100 fellows, who now hold positions in Hospital Medicine, Emergency Medicine, the Intensive Care Unit, the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and in many other Divisions across the University Hospital and throughout many healthcare systems across the country. Ideal candidates are those interested in working in a hospital-based environment, both in hospital medicine and specialty practices.

  • Program Details

    The fellowship program uses a multiphase approach to develop learners into well-rounded, competent inpatient providers. The Division of Hospital Medicine (DHM) has built core clinical teams around fellows in order to provide opportunities for high-yield, bedside clinical instruction from talented Physician and Advanced Practice Provider (APP) faculty. In addition to a strong clinical core, the APF utilizes frequent didactic sessions and case-based learning to enhance fellow development. All clinical rotations are solely located on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of Colorado Hospital.



    • Foster a supportive learning environment where nurse practitioner and physician assistant fellows can reach their full potential
    • Provide an innovative training atmosphere for learners and educators



    Be the national model of post graduate physician assistant and nurse practitioner training for the care of the hospitalized patient


    • Provide the highest quality, team based care to our patients
    • Invest in ventures that will push the field of medicine forward
  • Hours/Vacation

    The APF is a rigorous primarily Monday-Friday program with 10 to 12-hour days. However, while on the resident Medicine Service, fellows have a resident-like schedule of working six days a week. Also, during phases 2 and 3, fellows rotate on swing/night shifts. Swing shifts are usually Monday through Friday from 1:30pm until midnight (but longer shifts can occur). Night shifts are usually Monday through Thursday from 7:00pm -7:00am. Some electives will also have the fellows working on weekends.

    Five (5) weeks of vacation are spread throughout the fellowship in pre-scheduled week blocks (Mon-Sun, excluding the weekend prior). Fellows cannot request certain vacation days/weeks off. This decision was made in order to achieve our program vision to ensure the highest educational and clinical experience during the fellowship. No vacation is given during the first 16 weeks of the fellowship or the week of Thanksgiving or December 25th. Days/partial days will be granted off for interviews after the mid-point in the fellowship.

  • Salary/Benefit

    We offer a fellowship salary of $70,500 for the 13-month program.

    Information on University benefits and eligibility for job title “Faculty Fellow” is located at: and the eligibility matrix at:

    Please note, this fellowship has no guarantee of employment beyond the fellowship period nor are graduates required to commit to positions here at the University of Colorado Health after graduation.

  • Program Evaluation

    A key aspect of the APF is giving fellows frequent and actionable feedback allowing them to grow with an individualized learner. Verbal and written feedback is obtained from faculty weekly. Every three months fellows have one-on-one feedback sessions with the APF leadership to develop an individualized learner improvement plan. Additionally, an APP faculty member is assigned to each fellow as a clinical coach to help fellows achieve their individual professional goals.

  • QA – Program
    How many cohorts are there each year? When does each cohort begin?

    There are 2 cohorts of 5-6 fellows accepted each year. Cohorts begin on March 1st and September 1st.

    Approximately how many applicants apply for each cohort?

    Typically, about 35-40 applicants per cohort.

    What are you looking for in candidates?

    We look for candidates who express a high interest in acute inpatient medicine as a career trajectory and are looking for an intensive training experience. Since it’s a rigorous and lengthy fellowship, the best candidates are those who truly want to spend an additional 13 months in training as a learner.

    Can I come and shadow the program to learn more?

    UPDATE: Due to COVID, UCH has temporarily suspended their shadowing program. Once they resume we will be able to accommodate a request.

    I’m not an ACNP. Would I be able to do an ACNP certification while doing the fellowship simultaneously?

    Unfortunately, the fellowship is too much of a time commitment to do a dual program at the same time. You MUST be credentialed as an ACNP prior to doing the fellowship, but you can apply to a future cohort with plans to get your ACNP credentialing before the fellowship cohort start date you have applied for.

    Are fellows typically from around Colorado, or does the program have fellows from other states?

    Fellows are from all around the country/world! It truly depends on the cohort, however, we receive about half of our applications from CO residents or candidates that have previously lived in CO. Cohorts are all different but are usually a mix of about half from CO and half from other states.

    Are most applicants/fellows usually new graduates out of PA/NP school, immediately doing the fellowship, or have they been employed and practicing for a few years?

    Applicants/fellows tend to be both recent graduates as well as those who have held previous employment and have been practicing after PA/NP school. Cohorts usually have a mix of both. Keep in mind that our fellowship is quite rigorous, hence, the best candidates are those who truly want to spend an additional 13 months in training as a learner-focused on hospital medicine.

    I am a PA/NP student interested in doing a rotation with your group, do you have availability for this?

    Unfortunately, at this time there is not enough space on our clinical teams to take on students from outside of the University of Colorado’s NP and PA schools. We hope we can do this in the future!

    I see that vacation weeks will be pre-set for me. Would I be able to request a certain vacation week (say, if I had a wedding, important life event, etc.)?

    Unfortunately, no. Your 5 weeks of vacation will be spread out throughout the fellowship in pre-set dates. This decision was made in order to achieve our program vision to ensure the highest educational experience for all fellows. Previously, allowing fellows to choose their own vacation dates caused disruptions in the educational/clinical schedule shifts. Breaks in the schedule for vacations left many fellows working 1-week shifts instead of the needed 2-week shifts to attain familiarity with the workings of a clinical team and to succeed in establishing the role as a fellow on those teams.

    Can my student loans be deferred during the fellowship?

    Yes. Once you are accepted to the fellowship, you can request deferment of loans with our HR Manager. Please note, deferment can only be during your active enrollment of the fellowship (start date to end date), and cannot be started early or extended outside program dates.

    Is it easy for people to get a job after they finish the fellowship, and if so, where?

    This fellowship has no guarantee of employment beyond the fellowship period nor are graduates required to commit to positions here at the University of Colorado Health after graduation. Our graduates have had a 100% placement rate, with 42% taking positions within the University of Colorado Health System in Hospital Medicine, 34% in sub-specialties such as Renal, Neuro, ICU, Emergency Department, BMT and others, and another 24% deciding to take positions outside the UCH system.

    Will I have a mentor and/or personal preceptor to support me during the program?

    You will have a variety of support available to you during the fellowship. The APF Leadership team (co-directors, assistant co-directors, and program manager) will be your main "mentors" to guide you through the clinical aspects of fellowship, performance reviews, job advice, etc. In the first 6 months of the program you will be paired with a senior fellow to guide you through the basics of the fellowship by "showing you the ropes" and providing you with additional camaraderie and moral support. Additionally, you will also be assigned a Clinical Coach, one of our APP faculty members, who will meet with you ~3 times throughout your fellowship to assist you in meeting your clinical goals.

  • Application Information
    When do applications open/end? Are they on a rolling acceptance? Can I reapply?

    Applications are not taken on a rolling admission. Applications for specific cohorts open approximately 11-12 months before the start dates. Your application will be accepted for a specific cohort and start date only, applying does not make you eligible for both cohorts. Application deadlines are typically seven months before the start date to allow for candidate selection and credentialing. Specific dates will be posted on the website. If you are not selected for a specific cohort, we do consider reapplications. If you would like to reapply, please update your online submission and make sure the program manager knows.

    What cohort should I apply to?

    Application deadlines are typically at least seven months before the cohort start dates to allow for credentialing. You must provide your licensure exam results at least 60 days before your start date, so if you are only graduating 2 months before the cohort start date, you will not be eligible for that cohort. Unfortunately, the 60 days is a strict deadline due to the University’s credentialing timelines.

    I don’t see an application deadline on the website, why is this?

    Application deadlines are added once the application opens for a specific cohort. If you do not see a deadline for a specific start date on the website, we are not actively taking applications for that cohort. Check back to the website for updates!

    I submitted my application, but why have I not received any confirmation from you?

    After you submit your online application you will receive an automated response from CU HR. However, you may not hear from us regarding updates until it is closer to the application deadline. Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns with your application or have questions regarding submitting it. YOU are responsible to make sure all documents are attached properly; the program manager or HR manager will not check your application before the deadline date to ensure all documents have been included.

    Who should I address my cover letter/personal statement to?

    You are welcome to address your letters and have your recommenders address letters to “Advanced Practice Fellowship Selection Committee”.

    What are the guidelines for letters of recommendation?

    Updated April 2021: Letters are now required to be confidential and should be emailed as .pdf to [email protected] directly from the letter writer. We do suggest that you submit a document with you application on who will be sending any letter(s) to us directly so we know if we have received all your letters and your application is complete when we go to review it. Please see below for instructions for your letter writer:

    Thank you for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation for an Advanced Practice Fellowship candidate. Please review the following guidelines.

    • Share how well you know the candidate and in what capacity.
    • Please share your perspective of the candidates medical knowledge, clinical skills, communication ability and professionalism.
    • Include the statement: “The candidate waived the option to review this letter.”
    • Send the letter as a PDF file directly to the following email address:[email protected]
    Can I apply for a cohort during my last semester of training, prior to having licensure exam results?

    Yes, you can be accepted into the program before your graduation as long as you have taken and passed your exam 60 days prior to starting the fellowship.

    I’m an FNP/ENP, can I still apply and be considered, even if I have significant ER/hospital work experience?

    Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to accept any NPs other than credentialed ACNPs into the fellowship. Since our fellows rotate on services through the University of Colorado Hospital, we have to adhere to their guidelines and they are currently only accepting ACNPs as employees in the inpatient setting as set by national guidelines.

    How can I make my application competitive?

    Any courses and specific rotations that show your interest in and ability to excel clinically in the inpatient/acute setting would make you a competitive applicant. However, your application is viewed as a whole (letters of recommendation, transcripts, personal statement, etch) and we do take everything into consideration.

    Can my professional references be the same people that write my letters of recommendation?

    This is entirely up to you! If you make it to the final round of interviews, we will contact your references so be sure you have reliable contact information, and at least 1 has personally observed you in the clinical setting.

    More Information:

    Apply Here:

    Job Description - Instructor/Fellow (28747) (

Advanced Practice Provider Surgical Fellowship Program

The Advanced Practice Surgical/Critical Care Fellowship is dedicated to educating, training and recruiting APPs in surgery as to successfully integrate them into a career in surgery, while improving the life of every surgical patient now and in the future. The APP Fellowship has two tracks:

  • Surgical Track

    The focus of this APP fellowship program is to provide surgical didactic and clinical experience across the continuum of care for surgical patients. Didactic education will include a comprehensive orientation, a variety of skill labs, case presentations and weekly education lectures. Clinical rotations will occur in a variety of specialties, including trauma and acute care, surgical oncology, breast, endocrine, urology, transplant, intensive care and a variety of other surgical specialty teams. This fellowship will provide opportunities for APP fellows to engage in research and quality improvement initiatives within the hospital with the support of UCHealth and University of Colorado Department of Surgery (DOS) faculty and staff.

    The program is designed for both Physician Assistants and Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioners who are interested in a career in general surgery or surgical subspecialty. The fellowship is ideal for new graduates who wish to pursue a career in surgery or practicing APPs who wish to change career focus. The goal of the fellowship is to help APPs smoothly transition into a career in surgery. Rotations will occur across a variety of clinic settings both at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado and Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Colorado.

  • Surgical Critical Care Track

    The Advanced Practice Surgical Fellowship-Critical Care track is dedicated to training and recruiting APPs for a career in surgical critical care specialties. The focus of the APP Surgical Fellowship - Critical Care Track is to provide a foundation in surgical critical care through a didactic curriculum and clinical experience in the Surgical- Trauma ICU and the Cardiothoracic ICU, as well as rotations in General Surgery/Trauma Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery. In parallel with the APP Surgical Fellowship, didactic education will include a comprehensive orientation, skills labs, case presentation and weekly education lectures with a focus on critical care. The fellowship will also provide opportunities for APP fellows to engage in research and quality improvement initiatives within the critical care setting. Similarly, this program is designed for both Physician Assistants and Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioners who are interested in a career in critical care, specifically surgical critical care specialties. Rotations for the Surgical Critical Care Track will occur at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

  • Program Details

    Mission: The Advanced Practice Surgical Fellowship and APP Surgical Fellowship Critical Care Track is dedicated to educating, training and recruiting APPs in surgery as to successfully integrate them into a career in surgery, while improving the life of every surgical patient now and in the future.

    Program Goals: The goal of the APP Surgical Fellowship is to educate and train the APP Fellows to be a qualified, well-prepared practitioner of surgery who is able to practice at a high level of autonomy and in parallel with standard of care following graduation from the fellowship. The education program at UCHealth encompasses training across a variety of surgical departments, through development of education in clinical management, technical operative skills, quality improvement initiatives and surgical decision making skills.

    Over the course of 12-months, fundamentals of education will include a comprehensive 3-week orientation, weekly didactic education, skills labs (including knot tying, training in laparoscopic techniques, pig labs, along with several other skills labs specialized for the surgical APP) and a range of rotational experiences, including acute care surgery, trauma surgery, critical care, surgical oncology, breast surgery, colorectal surgery, and cardiothoracic.

    Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in quality improvement and research opportunities with the support from UCHealth and University of Colorado Department of Surgery (DOS) faculty and staff. Fellows are encouraged to participate in national and local surgical conferences. Furthermore, with the help of assigned mentors, they are encouraged to present research and poster presentations.

  • Benefits and Compensation

    A competitive salary in comparison with other APP fellowship programs will be provided to all fellows over the course of 1 year. Additional benefits include: medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term and long-term disability and retirement plans.

    Paid time off: To request vacation time, you must send your request to the program director at the start of the fellowship year. Requests will be granted to the extent possible with the residency schedule. You can expect 2 weeks of vacation each year.

    Holidays: As a fellow, you are not guaranteed holidays, but will be dependent on the needs of your clinical team. Holidays will be discussed on an individual basis and determined prior to the start of your clinical year.

    Unplanned absences: Unplanned absences should be kept to a minimum. If you are unable to make it to work for personal circumstances, it is your responsibility to immediately notify the program director and the chief resident on your service as soon as possible.

    Continuing Medical Education: Graduates can be expected 50+ hours of CME at the completion of their surgical fellowship. Fellows are also encouraged to attend local and national surgical conferences as available.

  • Curriculum
    Didactic Curriculum:

    Didactic curriculum will be incorporated throughout the year and alongside clinical curriculum. During the initial 3-week orientation, there will be an emphasis on didactic curriculum, including talks on fluid management, electrolyte replacement, acid/base balance, acute abdomen, surgical emergencies, common surgical complications, need to know anatomy and basics of operating room equipment.

    Additional didactic curriculum throughout the clinical year will include weekly Department of Surgery grand rounds, Morbidity and Mortality Presentations, Excellence in Communication Training, monthly journal club and a variety of other conferences as organized by the Department of Surgery and APP Surgical Fellowship Program.

    Over the course of the year, with the help of an assigned mentor, fellows will be responsible for identifying and developing quality improvement and research projects. At the end of each year, fellows will be responsible for presenting their cumulative end of year projects to faculty and staff of the fellowship program and department of surgery.

    Clinical Curriculum:

    During the course of the 12-month clinical year, APP Fellows will work alongside medical residents, including first year interns and chief residents. Duties and experience of the APP Fellow will include obtaining an accurate history and physical examination, presenting a concise HPI, writing orders, reviewing patient records, developing a differential diagnosis for a host of common surgical conditions, assisting in the operative room, ordering and interpreting diagnostic studies, and performing a variety of procedures with the supervising physician. Day and night shifts are to be expected over the course of the year.

    For the Surgical track, clinical rotations will occur at two locations across the UCHealth System, including in Aurora, Colorado at Anschutz Medical Campus and in Loveland, Colorado at Medical Center of the Rockies. Clinical rotations will occur only at Anschutz Medical Campus for APP Surgical Fellowship - Critical Care Track.

    During the clinical year, fellows will gain experience in all areas of surgical care management and critical care, including pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative care. Additional skills fellows can expect to acquire include wound care, removal of surgical drains, phlebotomy and Foley placement. Under approved supervision, fellows may also acquire skills in central line placement, arterial line placement, and chest tube placement.

  • Rotation Goals and Objectives

    Rotation goals and objectives are based on the specific rotation and will be provided to each of the fellows at the start of their rotation. Rotations include acute care surgery, trauma surgery, cardiothoracic, Surgical Oncology, Vascular, Transplant, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Surgical ICU, Cardiothoracic ICU, and Urology, along with several other surgical rotations based on the fellow's interests. Advisors will be identified at each of these specific rotations.

  • How to Apply

    To apply, visit: Advanced Practice Provider Surgical Fellowship and search “surgical fellowship”

  • Prerequisites

    All applicants must have graduated from a Physician Assistant or Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program. Additionally, all applicants must have passed or be eligible to take the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistant (NCCPA) certification exam or National ACNP or AGACNP certification exam:

    Class of 2023-2024 Timeline

    Spring (March) Cohort - Surgical and Critical Care Track

    • Program Application Open: July 2022
    • Application Deadline: October 31, 2022
    • Interviews: November 2022
    • Candidate Selection: November/December 2022
    • Program Start Date: March 2023

    Fall (September) Cohort - Surgical Track Only

    • Program Application Open: February 2023
    • Application Deadline: April 31st, 2023
    • Interviews: May 2023
    • Candidate Selection: May/June 2023
    • Program Start Date: September 1st, 2023
  • Application requirements
    • Application
    • CV/Resume
    • Official transcripts from any undergraduate college(s) and PA/ACNP school.
    • BLS/ACLS certification cards (if available, not required)
    • A one-page personal statement on why you are interested in the APP Surgical Fellowship Program at UCHealth
    • Two letters of recommendation (at least one letter from your PA/ACNP Program)
    • National Certification by Professional Credentialing Body (if certified); certification before December 31 is mandatory

    Letters of recommendations can be emailed to [email protected]

    Please email/mail all of the above documents to:
    University of Colorado School of Medicine
    Office of Education, Department of Surgery
    12631 E. 17th Avenue, Mail Stop C-291
    Aurora, Colorado 80045

    Email: [email protected]

    You will receive email notification upon completion of your application.

    As always, program admission is contingent upon completion of employee health screening, background check and University of Colorado Hospital credentialing process.


    Please request that official, sealed transcripts be mailed from your undergraduate college/university and your PA/ACNP school.

    Transcripts can be sent directly to the Office of Advanced Practice at University of Colorado.


    Strong applicants will be invited for an in-person interview following review of all applications.


    All candidates will be notified via email of the admission decision once all applications and interviews are completed. A ranked alternative list will be created for applicants who do not immediately receive a fellowship spot. Should an accepted candidate withdraw from the program prior to the start date, candidates on the alternative list will be contacted.

  • FAQS
    How many fellows will be selected each year?
    At the start of our program, we plan to select four APP surgical fellows. Typically, there will be two fellows at UCH-Anschutz and two at Medical Center of the Rockies.

    For the APP Surgical Fellowship-Critical Care Track, there will be two APP Fellows.


    Do you have to be credentialed in the state of Colorado to apply?
    No. Once applicants are accepted, we will help you navigate the credentialing process prior to the program start date.

    When do applications open/end?
    Applications for specific cohorts typically open in July each year. Specific dates will be posted on the website. Typically, Zoom interviews take place in Fall. Applications are accepted until the positions have been filled.

    If I apply, when will I be notified of final acceptance/denial?
    We typically aim to notify applicants by November or December at the latest.

    I’m an FNP, can I still apply and be considered?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to accept FNPs for the APP Surgical or Critical Care Fellowship due to credential requirements within our hospitals.

    Can I apply for a cohort prior to having licensure exam results?
    Yes, you can apply and be accepted prior to having your PA or NP licensure. We require you take and pass the test 30-60 days prior to your start date.

    Do you have to be credentialed in the state of Colorado to apply?
    No. Once applicants are accepted, we will help you navigate the credentialing process prior to the program start date.

    Should I submit my documents (including my letter of recommendation, transcript, etc.) online with my application?
    You are welcome to submit the letter of recommendation to the job posting, provide by email or send a hard copy.

    Can I come and shadow the program to learn more?
    Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to allow individuals to shadow the program.

    Are there any current or graduated fellows that I can speak with regarding their experience with the fellowship?
    Yes, we can put you in touch with either current or past fellows

    What are you looking for in candidates?
    We look for candidates who express a high interest in surgery, including pre-operative, post-operative and intra-operative management. You do not have to have previous experience in surgery to apply for the position.

  • Faculty and Staff
    Surgical Track:

    Cris Cribari, MD
    Medical Director Medical Center of the Rockies

    Akshay Chauhan, MD
    Medical Director UCH-Anschutz Medical Campus

    Christan Bartsch PA-C, MPH
    APP Surgical Fellowship Director

    Jason Vance, PA-C
    APP Site Coordinator, Medical Center of the Rockies

    Jennifer Rodgers, DNP
    Director, Office of Advanced Practice, UCH University of Colorado Hospital and School of Medicine

    Founder, UCHealth APP Surgical Fellowship Program

    Surgical Critical Care Track:

    Frank Wright, MD
    Medical Director – Critical Care Track, UCH-Anschutz Medical Campus

    Sam Gilliland, MD
    Assistant Medical Director – Critical Care Track, UCH-Anschutz Medical Campus

    Alexis Keyworth, PA-C
    APP Coordinator/Educational Lead – Critical Care Track

    Brittany Glassett, PA-C
    Assistant Clinical Coordinator – Critical Care Track


    Kathleen O’Keefe
    Director of the Office of Education, University of Colorado Department of Surgery

  • Graduation requirements
    Fellows will receive clinical feedback after each of their rotations. Each fellow must receive a passing evaluation from each of their surgical rotations to complete the fellowship. Additional, laboratory, skills and classroom testing will occur throughout the year, which fellows will be expected to pass. Each fellow will also develop and complete an end of year project, poster or presentation as a requirement for graduation. Remediation of each of these requirements will be considered on an as needed basis.

    For additional questions regarding the program, please email [email protected].

UCHealth Administrative Fellowship

  • Program information
    • 12-18 month comprehensive programs
    • Programs are customized to the fellow's interests as well as the immediate needs of the facility or site
    • Assists on special projects: provides administrative direction, short and long term planning, program evaluation, budgeting, and coordination of assigned areas
    • Fellow is compensated and will report to a specified member of senior leadership within their hospital/region
    • Apply graduate school knowledge and increase fellow's understanding of how decisions are made by senior leadership
  • Application requirements

    All applicants are required to be graduate students of master’s-level healthcare management, public health, business administration, or other related degrees from an accredited school (CAHME, CEPH, AMBA, AACSB, EQUIS, etc.) and have completed the didactic portion of their degree within the last 12 months.

  • Current Administrative Fellowship Sites

    University of Colorado Hospital (2 fellows)

    • Project-based fellowship structure

    Denver Metro Community Hospitals (1 fellow)

    • Rotation-based fellowship structure

    Northern Colorado Region Fellowship (1 fellow)

    • Project-based fellowship structure
  • How to Apply

    The fellowship application will consist of the following components listed below.

    • Personal Statement (1-page limit)
    • Resume
    • Unofficial transcripts (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    • Letters of Recommendation (1 Professional and 1 Academic)

    For further questions, please reach out to [email protected]

  • Regional Specifics

    Northern Colorado
    Project-based(learning areas determined with preceptor)

    Metro Denver
    Project-based(learning areas such as ambulatory services, capacity management, support services, etc.,)

    Southern Colorado
    Rotation-based(2-8 weeks with different services lines/executives)

    For questions regarding eligibility and how to apply, please reach out to [email protected]

UCHealth Administrative Internship


The internship program is designed to give interns a robust experience in hospital leadership, operations management and collaborative efforts involving multidisciplinary teams. The experience also serves as the first step in developing the intern’s own individual leadership identity. Our ideal candidates will possess strong analytical, organizational and communication skills. Ultimately we look for individuals who, along with these skills, are self-motivated, driven and committed to our mission of improving lives.

Interns are assigned to preceptors in a variety of departments across the system. Through their preceptors, interns receive projects, interns receive projects and the support and resources needed for success. Interns meet weekly with administrative leadership, giving them unique exposure to professionals at the top of their industry. Leadership is involved in mentoring our interns during the critical beginnings of their careers in healthcare.

  • Previous Internship Projects
    • Inpatient overflow prediction model to assess the available capacity on the Cardiac Pre-Post Recovery Unit
    • Value stream analysis process and piloted for Allergy, Advanced Lung Disease, and Neurology clinics
    • Assessment and recommendations for improving efficiencies in the Women’s Care Center and Birth Center operating rooms
    • Analysis of patient harm data to create a dynamic dashboard for quality improvement initiatives
    • Care Innovation Center to optimize an artificial intelligence system designed to improve access to care
    • Surgery coordinator productivity analysis and cost accounting their time to properly allocate resources
    • Analysis of the Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) program to help address inefficiencies, ultimately improving patient access and quality
    • Analysis on operating room turn-around-time to identify and eliminate waste using lean methodology.
  • Events and Activities
    • Weekly Lunch and Learns with Administrative Leaders
    • Visits to Various System Facilities
      • Medical Center of the Rockies
      • Highlands Ranch Hospital
      • Steadman Hawkins
      • Colorado Springs
      • Catalyst Innovation Center
    • Monthly Leadership Conference
    • Access to Departmental Meetings
    • Daily Safety Huddles
    • Green Belt Training
    • Action Learning Workshop
    • Informational Webinars
  • Past Internship Departments
    • Inpatient Nursing
    • Care Management
    • Capacity Management
    • Process Improvement
    • Ambulatory Ope
    • rations
    • Rehabilitation Therapy Services
    • Orthopedics
    • Transplant
    • Innovation and Strategy
    • ENT & Audiology
    • Surgical Services
    • Operations
    • Cancer Center
    • Primary Care
  • Past Internship Preceptors
    • Amanda Anthony – Senior Director, Care Management
    • Jamie Nordhagen – Director of Capacity
    • James Stith – Director of Process Improvement
    • Lisa Bellamy – Sr. Director of Operations
    • Trent Joseph – Program Director, Ambulatory Operations
    • Matt Gallagher – Director of Rehabilitation Services
    • John Gutowski – Executive Director of Transplant Services
    • Sarah White – Director of Strategic Development
    • Tim Wimbish – Director of Patient Experience
    • Michelle Ballou – Director of Patient Services
    • Karen Lovett – Director of Patient Services
    • Jamie Bachman – Executive Director, Oncology Services
    • Dawn Maupin – Senior Director of Primary Care, Ambulatory Services
    • Josh Dobbs- Director of Cardiovascular Service Line
    • Cory Warner- Director of Orthopedics, Rehab, and Spine Service Lines
    • Peg Reidy- Chief Medical Officer of Revenue Cycle
  • Preceptor Testimonials

    Karen Lovett, Senior Director of Operations “I always enjoy mentoring on the system and leadership with interns. The intern can come in with different ideas and suggestions to solve a problem and always nice to hear a new perspective- an intern once engaged a conversation about changing policy in relation to system-level adherence. A fresh set of eyes can challenge and improve us as well.”

    Matt Gallagher, Director of Rehabilitation Services “The internship provides an enriching environment for students to explore different aspects of healthcare through networking and engaging with different teams, while also leading a project that is mutually beneficial to their development and the organization. This unique combination of breadth and depth enables the interns to gain real-world leadership experience that sets them up well for a successful career in healthcare.”

    James Bachman, “It is important to participate in the educational mission of our academic medical center. The internship is a great opportunity to educate and cultivate the next generation of healthcare leaders through broad and deep exposure to a dynamic and world-class healthcare organization.”

  • How to Apply

    The internship application will consist of the following components listed below.

    Please attached all documents as one PDF:

    • A one-page cover letter addressed to the UCH Administrative Internship
    • Program describing why you’re interested in pursuing an internship with the University of Colorado Hospital
    • Your current resume
    • 2 graduate letters of recommendation (1 academic and 1 professional)
    • Copies of your unofficial undergraduate and graduate transcript
    • Ranking of internship sites

    Please attach and e-mail all documents in a single PDF to: [email protected]

  • Application Timeline
    • Due date - Mid-December
    • Interview notification date - Early January
    • 1st round of interview dates- Early to Mid January
    • 2nd notification - Mid January
    • 2nd round of interview dates - Late January
    • Offer date - Before Febuary

    For more information on this year’s exact dates, please refer to the internship flyer HERE.